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Range of topics deemed eligible for 2020 ballot

Potential ballot question campaigns were cleared for takeoff Wednesday, and voters next year could decide the fate of proposals dealing with immigration law enforcement, liability for gun crimes, ranked choice...

Ranked-Choice Voting Is Among 12 Initiative Petitions Certified By The Mass. AG

An effort to have Massachusetts voters next year weigh in on a ranked-choice voting system moved a step forward Wednesday, as it was one of 12 initiative petitions certified by the state...
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Ranked-choice voting, gun safe questions cleared for ballot

BOSTON — Plans to implement ranked-choice voting, prevent Massachusetts from declaring itself a "sanctuary state" and require gun owners to store their weapons in safes are among a dozen proposed...
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Ranked choice voting, right to repair, beer and wine at grocery stores and more: Massachusetts attorney general certifies 12 initiative petitions for ballot questions

Attorney General Maura Healey on Wednesday allowed 12 initiative petitions to move to the next step toward getting on the ballot. Healey disqualified four proposed ballot questions on the grounds... Logo

Ranked choice voting could be on the Massachusetts ballot in 2020

Could Massachusetts follow in Maine’s footsteps next year? Supporters of ranked choice voting are beginning the push for a 2020 ballot question proposing the unconventional election system for the Bay State. “While...
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Laboratories of Democracy: San Francisco voters rank their candidates. It’s made politics a little less nasty.

In place since: 2002 The problem: In March 2002, San Franciscans were ready for some new voting rules. The city had long used a two-round runoff system for elections, which usually...
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It’s time to bring ranked-choice voting to Mass.

DURING THE SUMMER of 2002, Sen. John McCain delivered a recorded phone message to the citizens of Alaska, asking them to adopt “instant runoff voting that will lead to good government...
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Ranked choice pitched as inclusive election reform

Ranked choice voting would allow voters to rank multiple candidates in order of preference. If no candidate gets a majority of the vote when the election is tallied, an instant... Logo

Elizabeth Warren sounds very open to ranked choice voting

Elizabeth Warren says she’s coming around on the idea of ranked choice voting. “This is one of those things I had thought, ‘Nah, I don’t think so. I don’t think I...
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Making the case for ranked-choice voting

After all the ballots were counted in Maine’s 2nd Congressional District in 2018, Democrat Jared Golden, a 36-year-old Marine Corps veteran, trailed Bruce Poliquin, the Republican incumbent, by about 2,000 votes. But...