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Ranked choice voting can promote equality

Helps remove extreme partisanship from political process   By VERNON K. WALKER  |  June 25, 2020 ⁠— “I am convinced that if we are to get on to the right...

In a pandemic, electronic signatures are needed to protect our democracy

By ERIC S. MASKIN & LAWRENCE H. SUMMERS  |  April 15, 2020 — The Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts will hear a case Thursday with implications for the collection of...

Mass. Primary: What Ranked Choice Voting Would Have Meant

By KEVIN JOHNSON & MAC D'ALESSSANDRO  |  March 10, 2020 ⁠— VOTERS ACROSS MASSACHUSETTS approached last week’s presidential primary with different views on whom to support and what issues are...

Ranked-choice voting could guarantee that a candidate is elected by a majority

By LARRY LESSIG  |  December 19, 2019 ⁠— In theory, in a democracy, the majority wins. In reality, in America’s democracy, that’s not always so. The winner of an election...
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It’s time to bring ranked-choice voting to Mass.

By ANDY VARGAS  |  July 17, 2019 – During the summer of 2002, Sen. John McCain delivered a recorded phone message to the citizens of Alaska, asking them to adopt...